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Recruitment agency fee structure in India

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Recruitment agency fees in India can vary depending on various factors such as the type of job, level of experience required, and location. Generally, recruitment agencies charge a percentage of the candidate's annual salary as their fee.

In India, the recruitment agency fee can range from 8% to 15% of the candidate's annual salary. However, some recruitment agencies may charge a flat fee or a combination of a flat fee and a percentage of the candidate's annual salary.

It is essential to note that the recruitment agency fee can vary depending on the services provided by the agency. For example, some agencies may provide additional services such as background checks, skill assessments, and candidate interviews, which can increase their fee.

It is advisable to negotiate the fee with the recruitment agency and ensure that all the terms and conditions are clearly defined in the agreement before signing the contract.

Recruitment agencies fee structure in India
Sorgjobs best agency

How are SORG JOBS different in its agency fee model?

SORG JOBS charges a flat fee of Rs. 9500+GST to Rs. 30000+GST base on the complexity of the profile to be hunted. In any case, a paid resume data source will be sufficient to call and screen candidates for profiles like 2D animation designers. When the conditions increase such as, working from an office in a rural village, then streamlining a candidate to walk into a company is very challenging.

Another reason that makes SORG JOBS different is the engagement model. SORG JOBS works as a retainer who uses the assignment, quickly finds the database sources, and starts sourcing the profiles. Once the data are collected, it is allotted to respective domain-specific resume processers to develop a communication script. Post the Tele-calling script is drafted, an induction section is connected with the selected first-level recruiters. Interested candidates are filtered and pushed to second-level subject matter interviewers. A final set of candidates who are assessed to be the best fit for the Job will be arranged to walk in or via Video call.

How to get the best recruitment package with SORG JOBS?

It is very simple. Simply send a WhatsApp or call at +91 7550249228 and our client relations manager will attend to you. Or Ms. Sowmiya G Sounder the managing director can be reached directly via email at

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