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The Learning Partner Experts with SORGJOBS are best to match Globally ranked trainers providing Microsoft Azure Training courses. Our highly experienced 'Microsoft Cloud Expert Team' comprises over 50 leading professionals with 15 years of experience in effectively partnering with the learner to secure the respective Azure Certifications

Starts on

Application deadline 10th Oct 2023

Varies for each certification course

Microsoft Azure
Training Overview

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Microsoft Azure
Certification Courses

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
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Microsoft Azure Security
Engineer Associate

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Microsoft Azure Administrator

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Microsoft Azure Administrator

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Microsoft Azure
Developer Associate

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Microsoft Azure
Developer Associate

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Microsoft Azure

Data & AI Certification

Microsoft Azure AI

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Microsoft Azure
Data Engineer

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Microsoft Azure AI
Engineer Associate

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Azure Data Scientist

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What are the Onsite Training
benefits for Organisations?

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Why We are the
Best to Choose?

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How Can Microsoft Azure
Help My Business?

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Azure is a cloud computing platform and web portal that enables individuals to manage and access Microsoft's cloud services and resources. With Microsoft Azure Portal at your command, you can easily construct and manage servers, compute services, monitor your current cloud infrastructure, and interact with Visual Studio Online to assist in using DevOps (Development and Operations) methods for software development. With Microsoft Azure, you may either use the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to have Microsoft handle all of your network and processing needs or use a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model to add Cloud capabilities to your existing network. Businesses also get benefits like

On-Demand Scaling

No or Low Server Maintenance

Low Costs

IoT (Internet of Things)

Using Azure to Drive Business
Growth in Microsoft Ecosystem

Microsoft has a solid reputation for offering safe, easy-to-manage, and dependable services to many customers throughout the world. Microsoft created Azure, a cloud computing platform to help businesses and professionals build, deploy, and manage services and applications using its growing worldwide data centres securely. Microsoft Ecosystem covers both clouds and devices, covering non-Microsoft operating systems and devices.

Microsoft Ecosystem connects virtually limitless cloud computing power with intelligent devices at the edge with its intelligent cloud and intelligent edge strategy. This platform has laid a strong basis for developing immersive and transformative commercial solutions. Azure has established itself as a compelling driver of value in the industry due to Microsoft's enormous infrastructure, continual application and service development, and historical track record

Microsoft Azure Revenue Growth
Vs Operating Income

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